3 Reasons To Avoid Signing A Merchant Services Contract

As a small business owner, you may be tempted to sign a contract with a credit card processing company in order to “lock-in” your agreement for a scheduled amount of time. However, it’s best to avoid signing a contract with a credit card processing company and here’s why: Continue reading

The Year of Giving

2016 Reflections – The Year of Giving

2016 was an important year for everyone at Cynergy Data Texas. While we are pleased with our growing merchant services client list and our fiscal performance, we are especially excited to share our involvement with non-profit organizations in the past year. We were able to contribute over $40,000 to the charities we support. We share this not to boast of our financial success, but to recognize that it would not have been possible without our loyal customers.  Continue reading

credit card processing

Understanding Credit Card Processing Fees

For a small business, choosing a credit card processing company is similar to an individual choosing what credit card to apply for. There is a good amount of research involved in order to feel confident about your decision, particularly regarding the fine print. We wanted to explain the fees associated with credit card processing so that you have the information you need to make a decision that is best for your small business. Continue reading

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Why Gift Cards?

We have recently addressed how business owners can increase sales during the holidays, both in the store and online. There is one more service that we offer that deserves mentioning and can be especially powerful during the holidays. Offering gift cards allows you to reinforce your store name, increase brand awareness, encourage repeat business, and makes Christmas shopping a breeze.  Continue reading


Holiday Shopping: Why Your Business Needs E-Commerce

At CynergyData Texas, we often talk about why small businesses should consider implementing e-commerce into their business plan. Giving customers the option to shop your store from the comfort of their own home positively impacts sales and introduces your brand to people who don’t live near your storefront. We recently posted a blog describing how to sell your products online, which you can read here. We wanted to dive a bit deeper and take a look at how much online sales are affected by the holiday season. Continue reading


The holiday season can be a stressful time for small business owners. Especially for local merchants, who are busy preparing for a surge of customers in search of the perfect holiday decor or unique gifts for family. It can be difficult to find time to reflect on what this season is truly about with seasonal specials and end of the year sales to prepare for. We view the holiday season as an opportunity to give back on the local scale. At CynergyData Texas, we support several non-profit organizations in our community of Round Rock, as written about here. It may seem difficult to include ‘giving back’ on your to-do list during such a hectic time, which is why we provide a solution that helps local people support local causes without adding stress to the staff.  Continue reading

Mobile Solutions for Small Business

Finding a credit card processing company that meets your business where it is today and is able to grow with your business is difficult. Oftentimes, business owners put off choosing a credit card processing company due to being overwhelmed by the options or they feel their current sales volume does not warrant one. At CynergyData Texas, we simplify the process and explain it in a way you are sure to understand. We cater our solutions to your needs to ensure you aren’t paying more than necessary for the services you need today and tomorrow.

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