Local people supporting local causes.
Thanks to you.

In today’s socially conscious marketplace, giving retail customers the chance to ‘give back’ at the point-of-sale can make you a local hero. And that can have a very positive impact on your sales.

DonateWiseNow®, exclusively offered by CynergyData Texas, is one of the only point-of-sale micro-donations solutions in the marketplace that enables business owners to build bonds in their community. It’s available with your terminal or can be part of an integrated solution with your POS software.

It’s easy — as your customers pay for their purchases, they are discreetly prompted to contribute a small amount, such as $1 or $2, to a charity, or they can round their purchase up to the next dollar amount. There is no requirement for your sales employees to solicit donations.

You get an online merchant portal to track donations, and you can change or add charities, which will be vetted and signed for by us. You can support up to nine different charities of your choosing — local or national. And of course, green receipts are standard.

While donations programs have been traditionally limited to larger retailers, with CynergyData Texas, businesses just like yours can now offer a turnkey donations program for your consumers, all through a revolutionary product offering that takes accepting payments to an entire new level.

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