You’re Never too Small to Accept Credit Cards

You’re standing in the ten items or less line at the grocery store, how would you prefer for the person in front of you to pay?

A. Check
B. Cash
C. Credit / Debit Card
D. Doesn’t matter, just so long as they are quick.

Credit and debit cards expedite the payment process and help everyone get on their way much quicker. As fewer and fewer people carry a check book or cash, you might find it harder to do business with people if you don’t accept plastic.

CynergyData Texas has a variety of programs suitable for smaller businesses who may need help accepting cards in some more unusual situations. In a town like Austin with tons of outdoor festivals, music events and no lack of passionate or creative small business owners, don’t let the inability to accept plastic keep you from making sales. We know that not every transaction takes place indoors. We offer wireless and mobile solutions for small business owners who are out there pursuing their passions and building their businesses in nonconventional settings. From musicians selling t-shirts to food trucks plying their latest creations to a non-profit hosting an outdoor fundraiser, you’re never too small to accept credit cards. Please let us help take care of you by setting you up with your own merchant account.