Mobile Pay and How Your Business Can Get Ahead

More and more, the standard cash register is becoming archaic in business. The user experience has advanced for the consumer and as a result, mobile credit card processing has become more and more common. According to the AT&T Small Business Poll in 2013, 30% of businesses have already adapted and implemented mobile payment terminals into their own business.

By definition, mobile payment terminals allow you, the business, to accept credit cards on a smart phone, tablet or lap top without the need to plug in. These terminals are complaint with federal/state regulations and can allow your business to do business anywhere in the world. Examples we have seen of mobile pay already include: roofing businesses, tow trucks, restaurants, home cleaning services- just to name a few.

With mobile pay solutions, your employees can become a payment terminal. Waiters, contractors, managers can all process credit cards without being confined to a POS cash register or terminal. Your business becomes mobile, at any time.

The most common form of usage has been mobile phone payment terminals. There are a plethora of apps available for download that turn your phone into a business terminal. However there can be a danger associated with some of these apps. At Cynergy Data Texas Texas, we have researched these apps and can guide you through which one to choose that will again save you the most money. One example is Vwalaa! Mobile Pay. Vwalaa! comes with a compact card reader that can plug into the audio jack of your mobile phone and accepts all major credit card companies.

While paying through a mobile pay terminal might sound strange, mobile pay is the future of credit card processing. According to a study done by Visa in Europe, by 2020 over 50% of transactions will done with a mobile credit card terminal. Even more so, PRWeb estimates that over $275B will be processed using mobile payment systems by 2018.

At Cynergy Data Texas, we see the future coming in credit card processing. We are the experts on mobile payment solutions and we offer many solutions that can help your business be a part of the over $275B that will be spent by consumers through a mobile terminal in the future. We believe that there will be tremendous growth that results from letting businesses become mobile rather than tied to a POS register. Turn your employees into a POS system by contacting us today about Mobile Pay!