Impact Your Community with DonateWiseNow

Veterans Day- a day where people forget about their own needs and wants for a brief moment and reflect back on the service others have provided to their community and country. But as a business, shouldn’t that reflection happen every day? Shouldn’t your business be a source of community pride and consciousness? At Cynergy Data Texas, we offer a solution called “DonateWiseNow” that provides your business with an opportunity to raise money for a charity or cause of your choice through customer donations at your POS system.

Supporting our communities is part of who we are Cynergy Data Texas. Some of the charities we support include: Nineveh Ministries – Williamson County, Boys to Men of God, The Key 2 Free and Round Rock Area Serving Center. Because our mission is simply to help people, our philanthropy efforts cover a wide array of demographics in need. Because of our passion for philanthropy, we wanted to allow our customers the opportunity to support and raise funds for charities. We felt having a sense of community consciousness defined Cynergy Data Texas and our customers as well- so we found a solution that allows small businesses to raise money through their POS systems and terminals similar to the efforts larger corporations having been making for years.

DonateWiseNow provides your business the opportunity to make an impact in your community. Offered exclusively by Cynergy Data Texas, DonateWiseNow allows your POS system to accept donations through subtle prompts to your customers. At the end of the transaction, DonateWiseNow prompts the customer with a page that asks for donations from $1 to a customizable amount. The customer can even round their purchase to the next dollar amount and the excess goes the the charity or organization of your business’ choosing. By prompting the customer to intuitively donate during the transaction, your employees do not have to push for the donation but rather foster an environment of trust and good will with your customer.

As the business owner, you can track the donations through your online portal. Cynergy Data Texas currently offer almost a dozen charities from which to choose- local and national. Changing the charity your business supports is simple and quick. Our goal, at Cynergy Data Texas is to make the whole process seamless and quick so you can do what you do best and run your business.

DonateWiseNow allows your business to be a hero within your community. No longer do you have to be a large corporation to make an impact financially. The bonds you can build within your community will not just be of monetary benefit, but also foster your business sense of social consciousness.

It is not who you are that defines you- but rather what you do with who you are that makes you great.

At Cynergy Data Texas, we can provide your business with the opportunity to be great through DonateWiseNow. Contact us today for more information.