A Q&A Session with Wade Lombard

Q & A with Wade Lombard- a long time Cynergy Data Texas Customer

One of our greatest joys at Cynergy Data Texas comes from seeing our clients succeed in their business and being a part of their success and growth. Over the years, we have been able to see the growth of Square Cow Moovers and Wade Lombard first hand. Graciously, Wade answered some of our questions about his experience with Cynergy Data Texas and how we have been a part of his business success. We look forward to many more years of working with Square Cow Moovers as well as seeing spotted “cow trucks” all over the state of Texas!

How have you seen your business grow since implementing credit card processing solutions from Cynergy Data Texas?

Tremendously! Cynergy Data has been with us for so long they have had a front seat view of Square Cow as it grew from just a few trucks to a fleet of 30+. Having a credit card processing company we can rely on has given us an advantage as we’ve worked to expand our market share.

What sets Cynergy Data Texas apart from other credit card processing companies?

Personalized service. We have very few issues with processing credit cards. However, when we do, we get first class service. Knowing that Cynergy Data is a simple phone call away gives us the peace of mind we require.

Have you ever run into a situation where Cynergy Data Texas had to solve a problem pertaining to your credit card processing? How was that situation handled?

Bill and his team are both thorough and quick to expedite solutions. We have had a few sticky situations that required someone with years of expertise. Cynergy Data always lives up to the challenge at hand. They are always available to answer questions and provide clarity and feedback.

Thank you Wade for answering our questions and being a part of our business. To take your business to new heights with merchant services and credit card processing, contact us today! Our promise is to be “Your last credit card processing company”, as well as offer professional, thorough and personalized service.

Update: Square Cow Moovers has since expanded outside of Texas – to Denver and Nashville! Their fleet now consists of 60+ trucks and we continue to provide our credit card processing services to this fantastic herd!