My Business Needs Cash Now!

We get it. Part of being a small business owner is balancing running the business while staying on budget. With expenses such as labor, product, rent and other overhead, it’s no wonder that so many businesses have little free capital. Sometimes though, things just come up. Sometimes your business needs a little extra cash to help grow the business. That’s why we offer several merchant cash programs at Cynergy Data Texas!

Here’s how our merchant cash programs work: our cash advance program is not a loan! We will purchase your future credit card receipts at a discount with no fixed payments or payment schedules. It’s that easy.

Our merchant cash programs require little paperwork and the underwriting is based only off of your credit card processing— no personal guarantees, no collateral. The cash advance is then paid out of your daily credit card receipts. Your business gets the cash it needs to grow without restrictions and without the risk of a loan.

Our programs are diverse. From long standing established credit to non traditional payment industries, we have a program that fits. Our starter program can secure your business a traditional cash advance. We also offer programs that include a “Pay Early/Pay Less option” that allows the business to at a reduced rate buy out of the advance early. For companies with excellent credit, we offer extremely competitive programs with lower rates allowing the business access to funds quick if emergency funds are needed.

Part of being a merchant services provider is providing the tools to help businesses grow. Our merchant cash programs at Cynergy Data Texas allow small businesses to access to the cash they need quickly, and easily. With no restrictions, businesses can use the funds as they see fit to help their business grow. Whether it’s a slow sales period or an emergency expense, every business needs a little help occasionally.

To get the cash your business needs to grow, contact us today.