Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Card Processing | Part 2

Part 2: About Credit Card Processing Equipment

In Part 1, we addressed the most commonly asked questions about merchant service providers. In this blog post, we will discuss the equipment a business needs to process credit cards.

What is a POS System?

POS stands for point-of-sales, a system that gives merchants the ability to not only accept credit and debit cards, but track inventory, manage employees and receive key insights about your customers. At CynergyData Texas, we most often recommend Clover equipment because of its ease of use and versatility. Some of the countertop Clover Station features include:

  • Intuitive setup for quick employee training.
  • Offline mode – process even when the internet is down.
  • On-screen signature capture and marketing opt-in checkbox.
  • Ability to email, text, or print receipts – resend and reprint as needed.
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out and manager overrides.
  • Issue refunds and manage details of historic orders.
  • Easy batch-out and closing at end of the day.
  • Menu changes sync across all devices in real time.

Will I get my payment equipment for free?

This varies between credit card processing companies. At CynergyData Texas, we provide the equipment required to be successful. As your financial partner, it’s important to us that your business is able to utilize industry-leading technology. Be wary of other merchant providers who do not provide or promote using outdated equipment.

What credit cards will I be able to accept?

It’s important to choose a merchant service provider and POS system that allow your customers to pay however they please — including credit, debit, EMV chip cards, NFC payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay, gift cards and cash.

What is an EMV terminal?

An EMV terminal has the ability to read data stored on the chip within a card. In short, strong cryptographic functions are used to validate the authenticity of the card and cardholder. When combined with a PIN, the chip proves that the customer is paying with his or her own card. By offering an EMV-enabled device, it helps prevent credit card fraud from stolen account numbers and cloned payment cards.

Can I use a smartphone or tablet to process credit cards?

Our recommended POS equipment provider, Clover, has several options that allow for easy payment, from wherever you are. For example, the Flex is a hand-held device that accepts all payment types, has the ability to print receipts, receive customer signatures, and adjust the tip. It also integrates with any other Clover POS systems your business uses, allowing for seamless integration.

If you have any more questions regarding credit card processing equipment, our team is happy to help! Call us today at 512-250-2380 to get set-up!