Employee Productivity

How To Maximize Employee Productivity

In a small business, every employee has an important role. While the business owner is busy looking forward, the day-to-day operations are carried out by the team members. We know that maximizing employee productivity is integral to managing a successful business, but how should a business owner or manager go about it?

The Tips

Incentives: Each employee differs in what type of incentive they’re motivated by. Identifying what drives an employee is step one while creating an incentive program for the team that addresses each type will go a very long way. Some team members may be driven by a pay increase, while others prefer more vacation days. The opportunity to work from home a few days a week is also helpful!

Listen: If there’s one thing that frustrates employees more than anything else, it’s feeling like their input doesn’t matter. In order to get the most out of your employees, spend time genuinely listening to them. If you’re worried that you may not do a good job of listening, reevaluate your methods on collecting, analyzing, and responding to feedback. An effective system to submit and implement feedback can be very effective in showing your team members they matter! 

Encourage Healthy Habits: Employee performance can be affected by personal choices occurring both inside and outside of the workplace. Since that’s the case, it’s a smart move to encourage healthy behaviors. Eliminate the ones that don’t contribute positively to workplace performance. For example, you may consider bringing in healthy lunch options for your team. These small details can have a major increase in productivity!

Appreciation: One of the major sources of dissatisfaction in the workplace is a lack of appreciation: 34% of outgoing employees admit to quitting as a result of the limited appreciation of their contributions. You don’t necessarily need an employee-of-the-month award to show your employees you appreciate them, but make it a point to provide positive feedback, offer thanks, and provide those incentives (both monetary and non-monetary!).

Our Approach

At CynergyData Texas, we’re a close-knit group that enjoys learning who our employees are, where they come from, and what they aspire to achieve. Running a successful business requires a happy and productive team, which goes far beyond just providing a paycheck. Offering incentives, providing feedback, encouraging healthy habits and showing appreciation are all ways that you can inspire employees to work hard and help them feel proud of their contributions.