Strategize Seasons

How To Strategize Your Seasons

When it comes to creating content on a consistent basis, it can be difficult to conjure up new ideas that keep your audience engaged. Well, what if you let the content create itself? As far-fetched as that may sound, new ideas are likely right in front of you — in the form of upcoming seasons, national holidays, and special community events! Strategizing your seasons will allow you to create timely, relevant content that hits home for your audience!


The underlying struggle for small businesses is identifying the type of content that provides value to their audience (aside from the products or service you sell). The first step is to ensure you understand your audience’s needs, and then create content that addresses those needs. In order to build a relationship with your audience, they need to view your brand as the authority on the subject — which is why creating and sharing relevant content is so important. It allows a gateway to be created for your audience to seek out your brand when they’re looking for a solution.

Creating Without Searching

Content that will help bring awareness to your small business is happening right in front of you! Take notice as to what your community cares about and if you contribute to the conversation — your sphere of influence will grow. For example, for a local storefront — sharing the details about an upcoming Thanksgiving parade will serve as a reminder to your audience that you’re a part of the small business community. These types of seasonal events provide content for your business and should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Our Take On It

At CynergyData Texas, we consistently share news of community happenings. For example, promoting events at The Round Rock Serving Center has allowed us to connect with our community while showing that giving back is a primary value of our business! Instead of spending time thinking about how to overcome the competition, we’ve found that the best method is to relate to our community! For more information, click here to see the ways we’re committed to serving the community!