point of sales system

3 Ways Your Point of Sales System Impacts Your Business

The point of sales [POS] system you choose can have a large impact on your business. We offer Clover POS systems to our clients because of the seamless checkout process, the wealth of built-in features and the system’s sleek design.

Customer Experience

As consumers, we’ve likely all experienced only having a credit card at a cash-only establishment. On the other hand, there was a surge of restaurants going cashless in 2018 in order to streamline the checkout process for customers. However, several of those restaurants have since started accepting cash again after realizing that — customers like options!

A seamless and secure checkout process should be a given, no matter the customer’s choice of tender. With outdated systems, you run the risk of software freezing up or hardware malfunctioning. By upgrading to an advanced point of sales system you not only increase equipment reliability but will likely receive access to game-changing capabilities.

Built-In Features: Inventory Management and Sales Reporting

Gone are the days of hand-counting items in the storage room! One of the most helpful features of the Clover Station is its ability to track inventory in real time. You can quickly add new items or create categories, which then allows you to order inventory strategically and predictably.

Having a clear understanding of what is selling and what isn’t helps you make better business decisions. This can generate ideas for seasonal sales or perhaps indicate that it’s time to lean into a marketing campaign that is showing a return.


Older point of sales systems are notoriously large and clunky. With a sleeker system in place, sales representatives are able to move about the store or restaurant to assist customers.

The Clover Mini, in particular, is small but mighty! Because of its ability to scale with your business as needed, it is a great option for those who are just starting their business or simply need compact equipment for their space.

The Clover Go allows you to do just that — take payments on the go! This is our suggested solution for those who need an additional POS system to take on the road to pop-up events, or for service providers who often visit their customers’ homes.


If you find yourself constantly fighting with your point of sales system, give us a call! We will help outfit your business with a solution that allows your customers to pay however they please. The built-in features and mobility of a Clover POS system will help you take your business to the next level!