3 Ways to Increase Summer Sales

As a business owner, it’s incredibly important to not only be aware of your sales cycle but take the necessary steps to avoid the low points and elongate the highs. We have 3 simple tactics you can apply to increase business this summer.

Community Outreach

With the kids out of school, there is a surge of local events in the months of July and August. Take Austin for example, there are Blues on the Green and Zilker Summer Musical over the next two months. As a local business, this is an opportunity to sponsor local events like these or perhaps host your own for increased brand awareness!

Whether your business plays an active role in community events, it’s beneficial to be in tune with what nearby consumers are interested in and how you can cater your product or service to meet them where they are!

Summer Sales

This is the time to think outside of the box and get creative in your strategy! Take a look at the products or services you have difficulty selling during the summer months and consider the benefits of offering them at a discount in the name of “Independence Day” or as a “Back-to-School” Savings Event.

Assess whether the drop in sales is due to a lack of awareness, need, or is just the natural cycle of your business. For example, an HVAC company is bound to see an increase in business in the summer months, whereas a boutique that offers specialty gifts is more likely to see their surge around Christmas. While this is natural, there are tactics to avoid extremes! HVAC companies tend to promote discounted inspections and air duct cleanings in winter months whereas a gift shop could capitalize on a “Christmas in July” sales theme.

Loyalty Programs

The implementation of a loyalty + rewards program will serve your business year-round. The point-of-sales system that we recommend to our clients, Clover, includes this capability right out of the box.

The system allows you to customize the perks and even makes suggestions based on your business type. Examples include a free coffee after the customer purchases 10 items, or receiving $5 off when they spend $50. Additionally, frequent customers can receive personalized rewards on their birthday or a discount offer if they haven’t visited your store in a while.

Utilizing a loyalty program allows you to potentially avoid drastic dips in sales during summer months and encourages repeat business. It’s a no brainer!

We’d love to hear about the tactics you’ve used to increase summer sales! As always, our door is always open to discuss how we can help your business prosper.