Mobile Solutions


CynergyData Texas offers all the latest mobile devices for those merchants who need to process cards on the go, and from anywhere in the world. Solutions include fully mobile terminals, laptop programs, and cellphone-based applications and devices. All solutions offered by CynergyData Texas are fully compliant with all State and Federal regulations regarding security and usage. Amongst our many mobile solutions are:

A Variety of Cell Phone Solutions: 

mobile processingWe are specialists in mobile solutions and have systems which work with iPhones, Androids and even Blackbery phones. Many businesses who wanted to process mobile transactions but found it uneconomical in the past can now process all credit and debit cards on their smart phones. New mobile solutions, especially cell-phone applications and devices are coming on the market all the time. Please talk to us first, before investing in any device that may or may not work with all processing platforms, or comply with all regulations regarding security.   And for those of you just starting out, or if you are not sure that you might be doing enough credit or debit card transactions for a full merchant account, then we have the very best smart phone processing service in the country for small accounts.

Vwalaa! Just What Your Business Customers Have Been Waiting For!

vwalaa_readerBut that’s only what it is. What it does is truly revolutionary. Because with Vwalaa! Mobile Pay your business customers can plug into the massive mobile payment revolution that’s changing the world — and adding an enormous new revenue opportunity for them — and you.

Did you know? 30% of small businesses are using mobile payments in the field — according to the 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll.

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