PCI Compliance

CynergyData Texas’ One-Stop Solution

for PCI Compliance

CynergyData Texas’s opt-out PCI Compliance program gives merchants an easy way to achieve compliance with the Card Associations.

Merchants simply complete an online Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) accessible through VIMAS™. Upon completion, their compliance is automatically certified with the Card Associations.

Having difficulty navigating the SAQ? We offer one-on-one assistance through our Customer Care department. Call us at 512-250-2380.

Merchants are notified by CynergyData Texas when compliance is required and are given downloadable instructions on how to proceed.

More About Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

To satisfy the requirements of PCI, all merchants must complete a minimum set of requirements including completing an annual self-assessment questionnaire. Some merchants, depending on type and network environment are also required to conduct quarterly network scans as required by the Card Associations.

Additionally, all merchants are expected to adhere to the 12 Steps of PCI Compliance at all times in order to protect cardholder data and safeguard their network environment from unauthorized access.

To learn more about the specific requirements by merchant level and the 12 steps for PCI compliance, please access the PCI Security Standard Council’s website.