Merchant Cash

Get the cash you need to grow your business!

CynergyData Texas’s merchant cash advance program makes it easy for you to access working capital in as little as five working days. With a cash advance, we purchase a portion of your future credit card receipts at a discount. And, there are no fixed payments or payment schedules.

Fast and Easy Application Process

Because our Cash Advance program is not a loan, underwriting is based only on your credit card processing, and requires limited paperwork and no personal guarantees or collateral. Best of all, your cash advance is repaid out of your daily credit card receipts.

No fixed payments, no payment schedule.

Use your cash advance to grow your business, and repay it out of that growth. With CynergyData Texas’s Cash Advance* Offering there are No Restrictions.

Use your cash advance for renovations, purchasing additional inventory, hiring staff or just paying off business debt. Our program places no restrictions on how you use your money.

There are Options for Every Credit Scenario:

  • Starter Plus Program.

Ideal for merchants in non-traditional payment industries, such as online or MOTO merchants and for those who are rebuilding their credit. With this option, you can secure a traditional cash advance upon successful payback of the starter and bridge advances.

  • Traditional Program.

A great choice for many merchants operating in the traditional retail and restaurant markets, or for those who have successfully completed the Starter Plus and Bridge programs. With no restrictions on the use of funds, this option includes a “Pay Early/Pay Less” option, which allows you to buy out of your advance early at reduced rates.

  • Gold Program.

This program is geared for qualified merchants with an established credit history. This option offers extended programs with lower factor rates.

  • Platinum Program.

Designed for businesses with excellent credit, the Platinum Program provides extremely low factor rates. Funnel more money into your business operations with this high-end program.

Get Started Today!
The CynergyData Texas Cash Advance Program makes it easy for you to access the working capital you need to grow your business or get through a difficult sales period. Take advantage of this program by scheduling a no-obligation consultation today. Your CynergyData Texas representative will help you determine how much cash you qualify for.

If you are interested in getting a cash advance now for your business, please contact us by phone or email, and let’s see how much we can get you!

*Certain restrictions apply for all programs.