Tips for Small Business Owners

Starting a business requires that you become an expert in multiple areas. From managing employees, to budgeting capital – there is a lot to be learned. Cynergy Data Texas is a small business that serves the community in a big way. In order to succeed in the credit card processing industry, we had to learn a few things that apply to any small business.

Define Your Small Business

What this means to us is understanding your company’s mission and making it clear to yourself, your staff and the people you serve. If you have a hard time communicating why the general public should buy the products you offer or choose your company for a particular service, you’ll miss out on a lot of business. Take the time to sit down and define your company’s mission statement and unique selling points in order to project a consistent image. For instance, Cynergy Data Texas is known for competitive pricing and excellent customer service. In order for this to be our reputation, each team member has to be on the same page when communicating our pricing and consistently following up with our customers to ensure they are satisfied.

Get to Know Your Community

Networking is an important factor. Being active in the community you are trying to be a part of will not only help you learn where the potential customers are and their buying preferences, but it will also help word of your existence spread organically. Cynergy Data Texas supports several local non-profits and are active in our community Business Network Referral Organization (BNI). This gives us the opportunity to learn of new businesses in our own community and support them by employing their services or offering our own. We know each other on a personal level and their success means our success, and vice versa.

Be an Industry Expert

As a business owner, educate yourself on industry news that may affect the way you operate on a daily basis and changes that may influence the decisions you make in the future. Be aware of what your competitors are offering and find a way to improve upon it. In the world of credit card processing, we offer competitive rates and the latest processing equipment to our clients. We are well informed of any changes in the merchant services industry and are happy to pass that information along to our clients. With the recent push for merchants to accept EMV, we are helping small businesses transition and adapt without a hitch.

Exist to Serve

With a valuable product or quality service, it isn’t difficult to build a small business and turn a profit. However, if you only do it for the profit, you won’t be around for long. We truly believe that the service we provide helps other companies succeed. The merchant services industry may not be life-changing by itself, but our clients are surely changing lives. We are transparent in our practices and upfront in our pricing. We hire employees that are passionate about helping others and understand the importance of quality customer service. We believe it is this mission that has allowed us to successfully exist in the Round Rock community and in turn, help many small businesses succeed as well.

In other words, we’ve been there. We are doing it right now! Here at Cynergy Data Texas, we love partnering with other small businesses to show how we can not only help them grow, but also stick around for awhile.