4 Ways Small Businesses Can Increase Holiday Sales

Some small businesses thrive during the holiday rush each year and others simply endure it. There are ways to not only guarantee that your customer has a positive experience with your business during the holidays, but also gain their loyalty thereafter. Here are our tips to increasing sales and winning customers over this season.


When it comes time to buy gifts, shoppers are on the lookout for savings more than any other time of year. Advertise in the community newspaper or on the local radio station to let potential customers know what you are offering and where you are located. Besides the big brand name presents, there is also a demand for local and unique gifts. People cannot buy what they do not know about!

Offer Savings

This can be in many forms, from guaranteed low prices on Black Friday to a certain percent discount for customers that check-in on Facebook. This creates extra incentive to draw customers in, while also increasing awareness. Regardless of the offer, commit to what fits best with your business strategy and ensure that it is consistent with your brand.

Get in the Spirit

Not necessarily to the degree that those passing by mistake your business for an entirely Christmas themed store, but avoid looking like the community Scrooge. This may take a little investigating, in order to see what other storefronts in the area look like. A little holiday cheer never hurt anyone — think a string of lights in the window and Christmas classics playing (softly) overhead.

Open Up

People tend to get a bit more talkative while they browse during the holidays, making it the perfect opportunity to ask what brings a customer in or who they’re shopping for. When a customer leaves the store feeling positive about his or her exchange, it increases the chance that they will return or tell a friend about their experience. More than that, when people get to know the story and the people behind a small business, they want to be a part of its success in the community.

Our advice is to spend the extra money to increase awareness about your small business and to create an environment that is especially welcoming. You will be amazed at what can happen when everyone you encounter is treated like family. Embrace the holiday cheer and you may find that it’s best to never let it go!