gift card

Why Gift Cards?

We have recently addressed how business owners can increase sales during the holidays, both in the store and online. There is one more service that we offer that deserves mentioning and can be especially powerful during the holidays. Offering gift cards allows you to reinforce your store name, increase brand awareness, encourage repeat business, and makes Christmas shopping a breeze. 

CynergyData Texas provides clients with the option of customized gift cards or the choice between several, pre-packaged designs. The form of payment is secure and the process to obtain is simple. If you would like to offer gift cards in your store, contact us today to make it happen before Christmas – this way you will help out all of the last minute shoppers! Having the gift cards is a step in the right direction, but in order to take full advantage of their existence, consider doing the following:

Make sure they are in plain sight, ideally near the register.

You can’t sell what customers can’t see. Something as small as gift cards has a tendency to be hidden or overlooked. Give them a display that is front and center for your shoppers.

Train sales associates to talk to customers about them.

Excitement tends to be contagious. Announce the new addition to your store with enthusiasm. They may not purchase a gift card right then and there, but they may return in the future when thinking of that person they forgot to purchase a gift for.

Advertise them!

In this blog post, we talk about the importance of advertising any special holiday sales going on. The same goes with gift cards. Remind people that they are an option, whether it is via social media or an ad in the Community Impact Newspaper. Consider using a photo of the gift cards to go along with the ad so that people commit to memory what they are looking for in-store.

Take it one step further.

Consider opting for seasonal gift cards, ones that are festive for the Christmas season. We can help you decide how many seasonal gift cards to order versus ones with your customized logo. If you’re already set with your branded gift cards, offer festive boxes and wrapping for the gift card, making your store a one-stop shop for Christmas gifts.