The Importance of Next Day Funding

While we provide a multitude of important credit card processing services in order for small businesses to thrive, Next Day Funding is at the top of the list for a reason. Not only is it a necessity for businesses to function, it directly aids in growth. In this blog post, we share why Next Day Funding is a crucial service we provide for small businesses. 

Most of our clients operate outside of the typical 9-5pm office schedule. Due to Next Day Funding, these small businesses can continue processing transactions into the evening without having to wait three to five business days to receive their funds. This allows for quick access to real money (rather than a memo post) so that merchants can pay vendors quicker, purchase inventory and free up capital to grow their business. The need for immediate access to capital applies to both brick and mortar and e-commerce businesses because it costs money to run a business, whether it’s through a storefront or based online.

Next Day Funding can be especially helpful for merchants that experience high volume on the weekends, like restaurants and boutiques. This is because Next Day Funding allows them to receive their deposits for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on Monday instead of Tuesday. Another benefit of Next Day Funding with Cynergy Data Texas is that there is no requirement to be with a particular bank. This means that merchants are not required to change their bank account, which can be quite the hassle.

Other benefits of Next Day Funding include:

  • Batch transactions for all card types including VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®
  • Funds are electronically transmitted via an ACH (Automated Clearing House)

And to top it off – should you ever have an issue with receiving your funds, you have a dedicated team to support you. We offer live technical support around the clock and are happy to help you gain quick access to your funds in order grow your business.