Common Questions About Next Day Funding

What is Next Day Funding?

Next Day Funding is a service that allows businesses to receive funds the next business day rather than waiting the typical 3-5 business days. Quick access to capital means business owners are able to pay vendors, buy necessary inventory, and focus on growth.

Who Benefits from Next Day Funding?

While Next Day Funding is a helpful service for all merchants, it is especially beneficial for businesses that often process transactions in the evening, or have varying sales volume from day-to-day and over weekends.

How is Next Day Funding Different From a Memo Post?

Don’t be fooled! Next day funding means that actual monies are electronically transferred into your bank account via ACH (Automated Clearing House) the next business day and is not the same as a memo post to deposit.

Do You Have to Use a Certain Bank?

While some credit card processors require that the merchant account be held with a particular bank to receive Next Day Funding, CynergyData Texas does not. Bank where you please and still receive Next Day Funding!

Is Next Day Funding Included for all Card Types?

At CynergyData Texas, Next Day Funding includes VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® batch transactions.

Does Next Day Funding Literally Mean Next Day?

Next Day refers to the next business day and does not include Friday, Saturday or Sunday transactions. However, with Next Day Funding, your business will have access to actual monies from weekend transactions on Monday, rather than Tuesday.

How Do I Receive Next Day Funding?

Not all merchant service companies do Next Day Funding the same – some require a batch out time as early as noon and others require that you use a specific bank. With CynergyData Texas, Next Day Funding means that businesses can process and batch out transactions in the evening and won’t have to change banks. 

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