Dive into a Blue Ocean with Clover!

Small Business, Big Ocean

Small businesses come and go. But what really differentiates one over another? Getting ahead of competitors is what most businesses aim to achieve. However, the underlying question is — how? Establishing a market advantage over competitors is done by creating a “Blue Ocean” strategy. A Blue Ocean strategy is about identifying how a business separates themselves from their competition!

One way to accomplish this is by innovating the way your business interacts with shoppers and implementing features that encourage them to return or spread the word. This can lead customers to feel like they’re an ambassador for your business. At Cynergy Data Texas, we pride ourselves in utilizing the latest technology to help our financial partners set themselves apart. This includes equipment from Clover, which does a phenomenal job of inciting customer loyalty, while also providing an effective form of merchant service!

Clover Integration

The integration of Clover technology can differentiate the way your business can optimize its’ transactions. When easing the payment process for consumers, customer loyalty increases; making the transition from consumers to fans much more natural! Clover offers a Rewards option, which allows customers to feel connected with your business. Delight customers with rewards on their birthday, increase visits with bonuses for Regulars and VIPs, & create multiple perks to reach more customers! When life in the service industry moves fast, how else can you make it look effortless?

The answer is right on the counter. Clover lets you accept credit cards, EMV chip and contactless payments from customers, safely and securely. Clover has the right mix of POS hardware and software for your specific needs. So, matter what you sell or how you’re selling it, Clover can handle the rigors of your business, and look good doing it. The tools integrated within the Clover Station can include:


  • Analytics: Keep track of payment details, date and hour trends, payments per employee, customers, tender and more, while generating multi-dimensional analyses for your business.
  • Clover insights: Get a handle on your business analytics using data from every transaction. Discover trends and easy-to-understand insights that can help boost sales, plus see how well other quick-service restaurants are doing nearby.
  • Rewards: Rewards lets you create a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes—absolutely free, no strings attached.
  • Time Clock: Track employee hours, build schedules instantly online so your team can view and swap shifts, and much more to make your life easier.

Your business is all about service, from the moment customers make an appointment to when they pay their bill. Luckily, Clover lets you focus on differentiating your brand and creating exciting new product lines — while it handles day-to-day operations like scheduling and payment processing. 

Our team is dedicated to finding the credit processing solution that works best for your business! We’re happy to answer any questions regarding our merchant services or the equipment we offer. With us, you will receive the most innovative and current point-of-sale equipment from the leading manufacturers. If you’re interested in adding the Clover Station to your line-up, give us a call at 512-250-2380!