What it Means to Be Your Financial Partner

At Cynergy Data Texas, we often refer to ourselves as your financial partner. We believe that every small business would benefit from having a similar partnership and here’s why!

Clover outlined “Smart cash management tips for small businesses” in a recent blog post. The piece included several tips that, unfortunately, many business owners aren’t implementing, which can ultimately make or break a business. Imagine if these business owners had a trusted point of contact to help them stay on track, and even ahead of the game! After over twenty years in the merchant provider industry, we have helped guide countless business owners in all aspects of credit card processing. While this is the main service we advertise and provide, we offer so much in addition — including advice and resources to improve cash flow, marketing, and sales!

When we refer to ourselves as your financial partner, we are making a commitment to support you and your endeavors as an entrepreneur. The decision to offer a new service line or open an additional storefront are not topics we take lightly, as they can have a major effect on your financial health as a business. We’re here to discuss the possibilities and analyze the potential outcomes with you.

We offer our customers Clover products because they have leading point-of-sales technology. The Clover App Market comes alongside the systems, and together — these act as powerful data-tracking tools. Our team will walk you through your options when it comes to tracking cash flow and inventory or exploring ways to increase foot traffic or create a loyalty program to drive repeat business.

You’ll find that our team is especially dedicated to helping you succeed. Whether you’d like hands-on on tutorials on how to maximize the return on your new point-of-sales system or would like to bounce some ideas off of us over coffee — we’re only a phone call away! Give us a call at 512-250-2380 to discuss how we can be of service.