Choosing a Credit Card Processing Company

Most small business owners recognize that accepting credit cards is necessary in order to continue growing. The challenge is knowing what to look for when choosing a credit card processing company. Here are some examples as to why Cynergy Data Texas is one of the best options for small businesses. 

1. Services created with the small business in mind

We offer next day funding so that you can receive your deposits fast and do what you need to run your business, like pay vendors or purchase inventory. If you ever have questions or would like to discuss your account, we are available! There isn’t a never-ending phone tree that you have to get through in order to reach someone. In fact, our address is 206 W. Main Street Suite #112 Round Rock, TX 78664 and you’re welcome to stop by if you’re in the area!

2. Solutions catered to your business

We have multiple solutions including credit card machines, mobile phones, tablet POS systems and online integration capabilities. We have a full range of solutions for any type of merchant and we have experience with a variety of industries. Upon our first meeting, our goal is to better understand your financial goals and build a plan that best fits your needs. Simply put, we will not try to convince you that your business needs more than necessary to succeed.

3. Transparency

You will not find promotional rates on our site. We do not advertise “limited time” offers because we aim to give you the lowest rate all of the time. You should know that if you’re already processing with another company and you’re not directly linked to the Visa/Mastercard Interchange rates, then you are almost certainly paying too much. Our average customer saves about 20% from fees charged by their previous processor because we are upfront about the cost of credit card processing.

We refer to our clients as financial partners, because at the end of the day – if you succeed, so do we. Choosing a credit card processing company is not a small decision, but we hope to make it an easy one.