Mobile Solutions for Small Business

Finding a credit card processing company that meets your business where it is today and is able to grow with your business is difficult. Oftentimes, business owners put off choosing a credit card processing company due to being overwhelmed by the options or they feel their current sales volume does not warrant one. At CynergyData Texas, we simplify the process and explain it in a way you are sure to understand. We cater our solutions to your needs to ensure you aren’t paying more than necessary for the services you need today and tomorrow.

Our mobile solutions work well for a small business, even if you feel like your business isn’t doing enough credit or debit card transactions. Considering it’s a free download, accompanied by a free card reader, no monthly fees and our standard 24/7 live support… you have nothing to lose! In fact, you will most likely gain business once you expand from cash only. Beginning your journey with us, rather than a service like Square or PayPal, not only means lower transaction fees, but it also allows room for growth.

We work closely alongside our clients to support their financial success and can make the process of switching from a mobile solution to a point of sales system very simple. However, if your business is built on the need to process cards on the go, from anywhere in the world, then Vwalaa! Mobile Pay from CynergyData Texas is for you. Vwalaa! is a sleek, compact card reader that fits into the palm of your hand and plugs into the audio port of most mobile devices – instantly turning them into payment terminals. Also unique about the mobile payment system is that it offers offline processing, configurable inventory management, previous purchase recognition, and personalized receipts.

Contact us to further discuss the solution that will be the best fit for your business. Whether you are an industry leader or just getting started, we are here to serve you.