mobile pay

Mobile Pay for the Service Industry

At Cynergy Data Texas, our services are designed specifically for each of our clients. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach because each small business requires their own solutions in order to face their unique challenges. For example, one of the solutions that we offer for Falcon Residential Services, a client in the home remodel industry, is Mobile Pay.

Mobile Pay is a solution designed specifically for those that need to process cards on the go. The card reader is sleek and compact and fits in the palm of your hand and plugs into the audio port of most mobile devices – instantly turning them into payment terminals. The processing service is free to download, the card reader is free, there are no monthly fees and yet it still has 24/7 live support! And on top of all that, the transaction fees are still lower than all of the competition.

As a general contractor, the majority of Falcon Residential Services’ customers do not pay by credit card, but having access to Mobile Pay allows the business to give its customers the option to pay via credit or debit card should it be preferred. This option is perfect both for small businesses that aren’t doing enough credit or debit card transactions for a full merchant account or are just starting out.

At Cynergy Data Texas, we offer payment solutions for businesses of every size and in every industry; whether they need an e-commerce solution to sell products and services on-line, a counter-top solution to sell products in-store, a technologically advanced point-of-sales system or a mobile payment solution to process credit and debit cards on the go. Each of our clients receives the best price the first time, 24/7 live support and the guarantee that we will customize the payment solution to accommodate your business.