Tips to Improve Your Online Presence

Having an established online presence is mandatory for businesses looking to grow in today’s marketplace. In 2015, Deloitte Digital found that digital interactions were expected to influence 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores by the end of 2015, or $2.2 trillion. Researching a potential purchase has never been easier, and finding a company’s website or Facebook page takes only a few seconds. As a small business owner, you can take advantage of this trend by establishing a web presence that is easy to find, and hard to forget.

Give Customers A Chance To Connect With Your Business At Any Time

A website for your business gives customers the chance to interact with your company at any time of the day, regardless of the hours of operation. The ability to connect with consumers at any given time increases your opportunity to forge a connection with new customers, whether it’s using a company Facebook page or a website dedicated to your business. Making information about your business readily available is the key to getting the most out of your online presence. Important things to disclose include:

  • Business hours and exact location of your business
  • Contact information, such as phone number and email address
  • Answer any frequently asked questions
  • Customer reviews of your business
  • A link to an e-commerce site

Allow Customers To Make A Purchase Whenever They Want

If a customer wants to purchase something from your store, giving them the opportunity to do so immediately via an e-commerce site is in your best interest.  If they are forced to wait until the next day, and visit your location during normal business hours, their urge to make a purchase may diminish, and they may not seek your business out at all. Explore our options here to see how your business could benefit from investing in e-commerce!

Utilize Mobile Payment To Set Your Business Apart

The usage of mobile payment methods has been on the rise since 2010.  Paypal (via Statista) reported 102 BIllion US dollars in revenue solely from mobile payment methods in 2016, up from 66 billion U.S. dollars in the preceding fiscal period. This trend is not expected to change, and businesses can distinguish themselves by adopting the new technology to cater to the increasingly mobile-wallet-reliant millennial generation. Take a look at our point of sale systems that will take your business to the next level.