5 Ways We’re Small Business Friendly


April 30th – May 5th marks National Small Business Week. For Cynergy Data Texas, this is a time to recognize our clients and their dedication to the communities they serve. We are honored to help each and every entrepreneur succeed in their business endeavors. While small businesses require hard work and perseverance on the owners part, it truly takes a village for them to flourish. It’s important to us that our credit card processing services are small business friendly and we accomplish this in several ways:

We provide one on one attention to each of our clients.

We have a physical location at 206 W. Main Street, Suite #112 in Round Rock, Texas 78664, that we welcome you to visit. We also have a direct phone line (512-250-2380) that does not involve a phone tree or ridiculous hold times. You will be assigned a Cynergy Data Texas team member that will talk you through our process, answer any questions you may have and solve any issues that arise. We put our clients first.

There is no contract to sign or commit to.

By having credit card processing services with without signing a contract, you can spend less time worrying about the fine print and the loopholes that you may have missed. A contract-free partnership makes for a more relaxed relationship because you know we have to deliver on all of our promises to keep you as a client.

No limited time offers to lure you in.

About those loopholes…they happen and they can be devastating to a small business. If an offer seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t sustainable for the long-term! We don’t offer limited time offers because we are committed to providing the best offer that you can count on – without an abrupt change in service costs or fees that nickel and dime your business to death.

The solutions we recommend are specific to your needs.

We have clients in all different industries. We understand that small businesses need to be especially flexible and we help you not only navigate your industry but lead it! With Cynergy Data Texas, you can expect the most innovative and current point-of-sale equipment from the leading manufacturers.

We explain credit card processing in terms you will understand.

We have several small businesses that have been with us for 20+ years, and it’s not by chance. At Cynergy Data Texas, we put the relationship first. We welcome questions and are happy to discuss the details of credit card processing with you, rather than assume you’re familiar with the many acronyms or recent updates in the industry.

In celebration of National Small Business Week, we simply ask that you make a point to stop by your community’s local shops and show your support. The road for entrepreneurs for can be long and hard, but we speak from personal experience: the people make it worth it!
Thanks to all of you that have supported Cynergy Data Texas over the years.