Thinking Ahead with Clover

As a small business owner, the holidays can be a busy, yet stressful time of year. While you’re in full holiday preparation mode — stocking inventory, setting prices and finalizing employee schedules for the year, we have a solution that will help with all of that! After all, as your financial partner, it is our responsibility to help you prepare for the year ahead and anticipate your needs. Read on to learn about some of the tools that can help you track sales, reward your customers and manage your team.

As we’ve mentioned time and time before, we’re big fans of the Clover POS system. Not just because of its easy-to-use design, for both the business owner and customer, but because of a series of tools that you may have yet to discover.

Track Sales in Real Time

If the majority of your sales reporting and analyzing happens months after the fact — you may be missing out on low hanging fruit! With the Clover Station, you have the ability to review data in real time. Allowing you to make proactive decisions about what items to stock more of and which may need to be taken off the shelves.

Loyalty Programs

The Clover Station comes equipt with a market of different apps that may benefit your small business. One of our recommended apps is “Rewards,” which allows you to “create a simple, custom loyalty program within minutes — absolutely free, no strings attached.” You then have the ability to show your appreciation for loyal customers by rewarding them with a birthday perk, or ensure they’re the first to know about a special promotion you’re running over the holidays!

Manage Employees

Depending on the industry, the holidays can be an especially difficult time to create schedules and manage your team members. The Clover Station has several tools that help keep your employees productive, and happy! From a customer interface that makes tipping incredibly easy to a feature that automatically calculates commissions for your sales team — Clover has it all!

If you’re currently using a Clover system, but have yet to tap into all of its capabilities — give us a call! We’re happy to show you how to maximize your return. And if you would like to upgrade to a Clover system, we’re more than happy to get you all set up!