A Q&A Session with Nick Alter

We sat down with Nick Alter, Principal and Founder of Alter Endeavors (A local Digital Marketing Agency), about how using Cynergy Data Texas has helped him grow his business. We’re proud here at Cynergy Data Texas to see Alter Endeavors’ growth over the last few years, as well as their exciting future.

As a digital marketing agency, what made you decide to choose Cynergy Data Texas’s Merchant Services when there are so many new technologies and solutions available

NA: The longer I am in the realm of digital marketing, the internet and technology in general, the more I respect the need for amazing customer service. I originally found Cynergy Data Texas in my hunt for a much cheaper solution for one of my higher-volume clients who was tired of paying the Paypal and Stripe-level fees for their transactions. It turns out that not only were they cheaper, Cynergy Data Texas has an incredible attention to customer service. I was impressed enough in my interactions with them that I decided to switch over as well.

Of course, it mattered that they have an online portal – it’s simple, it’s clean, if not flashy like Stripe or Paypal or Square. Their system can be integrated with e-commerce and POS solutions as well. These things were a must, not just for me, but for my clients. But again, the thing I love most about these guys is that if I ever run into any problem with my credit card processing, they’ve got my back. Also, they educate me about things like PCI Compliance and chargebacks and the chip.

How have you seen your business grow since you started accepting credit/debit cards?

NA: For us, it mattered that we weren’t getting slammed with a 2.9% fee every time we swiped a card. We have a lot of pass through costs, and our margins on many projects are sometimes dictated by that fee. Also, having the ability to store client’s credit card info for monthly charges that very month to month cuts down on our billing time quite a bit. As a small business, it’s dangerous to spend too much time on things outside of operation and sales. Their system is quick and easy to deal with.

Why did you feel it was important to use a local merchant services company rather than a nationwide corporate company?

NA: Again, going back to service. I know who I am going to talk to over at Cynergy Data Texas. Also, they know my account. Dragana will sometimes call me up to inform me about something happening in the compliance world, or ask me if she can help with anything. To me it’s like being with a local bank, where I am not just another account number to them. They are reliable, and they work for my business. Small business in almost every industry is alive and well, respect it, support it.


At Cynergy Data Texas, we pride ourselves on our ability to be versatile and adapt our expertise to the specific needs of our clients. From Square Cow Moovers to Alter Endeavors,  we can provide a solution to a multitude of different businesses. Contact us today if your business needs merchant services, and wants to experience the growth accepting credit/debit cards can provide your business.

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