E-Commerce and Growing your Business Online

According to Forrester Research, Americans will spend over $350 billion dollars online this year. Having an e-commerce solution in place on your website has become more important that ever. E-Commerce allows your business to sell products during non traditional hours, can be synced to your point of sale, as well as set up recurring billing programs for your customers online.

Ultimately, E-Commerce can be a huge factor towards the growth of your business. By allowing customers the ability to buy products online, your business is not confined to traditional hours. Nearly 70% of Americans admit to shopping online regularly- that’s 70% of your potential customers! Here are some of the ways that Cynergy Data Texas makes e-commerce easy:

CynergyData has a proprietary e-commerce gateway Lucy, which allows your business processing capabilities for credit cards, signature capture, PIN-based debit cards, EBT services, gift cards and fuel and fleet cards.

Lucy also allows for these transactions to be seamlessly integrated into your point of sale system. Without integrating your E-Commerce solution into your point of sale system, you create an extra step in your book keeping as well as allowing for human error. Lucy also allows for one integrated IP connection that routes payments simply from all sources: point of sales, wireless terminals, the internet, etc. This not only saves you time, but also money for your business by eliminating pointless costs such as extra telephone lines.

Another huge advantage of E-Commerce for businesses is the ability to set up recurring billing programs for their customers online. Recurring billing plans are becoming more and more popular among consumers and allow businesses to set up a ongoing model for their customers, saving time for the business as well as the consumer. At Cynergy Data Texas we have multiple platforms that can achieve recurring billing options. Our previously mentioned solution, Lucy, allows for both online payment plans as well as recurring billing. Another solution, authorize.net , allows for recurring billing as well as other features such as online chat.

Ultimately, E-Commerce should make business simpler for you, and save your customers time!

At Cynergy Data Texas, we believe in the growth that E-Commerce allows business by providing our clients an opportunity to tap into the over $350 billion that will be spent online in the year 2016. With over 70% of Americans shopping online, creating a platform for your business to be able to accept online transactions has become more imperative than ever. However, most payment gateways for E-Commerce can cost your business anywhere anywhere from 2%-4%. On average, our pricing structure includes credit card processing fees of lower than 2%. Our various E-Commerce solutions allow your business to accept all major credit/debit cards, work in cohesion with your point of sale, and allow for time saving features such as recurring and ongoing billing plans/transactions.

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