New Business? Looking to Expand? We’re here to help!

At CynergyData Texas, our customers include both new and existing businesses. We give business owners a better option when it comes to their credit card processing company by offering:

  • Live technical support around the clock
  • A complete array of products and services that are customized to meet your needs
  • Accurate accounting of your transactions in statements that you can read and understand
  • The same reputable, dependable, trustworthy service that we have given all of our clients for the last two decades

But we don’t stop there. We are aware that switching credit card processing companies may not be the only task you’re faced with. As Round Rock continues to expand, welcoming new businesses and new locations to the community, we want to focus on the challenges that new business owners must overcome in order to be successful. While we truly do aim to be your last credit card processing company, we recognize that we might also be your first.

If you’re currently looking at spaces in the Austin area, we assume you already have your business name and product decided on. The first steps aren’t the most exciting, but deciding the business structure, filing with the state and determining your local/state/federal tax responsibilities are necessary nonetheless. Before you can focus on your product and brand, you must obtain the proper permits and meet the employer requirements for your business. If you’re still working on these steps, here is a helpful resource.

Before beginning the process of legally establishing your business in the state of Texas, you’ll need to heavily research your community and the consumer base you would like to reach. How you decorate your space, package your product and communicate with potential costumers are important decisions. If your business is located in a high foot traffic area, pay special attention to the storefront, making sure people immediately know what type of products you offer. If you’re location isn’t highly visible from the street, you’ll need to focus on other ways to reach customers. Austin residents are eager to support local business, but can only do so if they know you exist! This is why it’s important to have a business presence online, as word of mouth via social media can bring in a lot of business. This includes at least a business listing on Google, an active Yelp profile that includes recent reviews and updated business information, and an official Facebook page. If you’re located in the Round Rock area, advertising in the Community Impact Newspaper is a great way to reach residents of the community. Last but not least, spread the word by being active in the small business community! Make a point to support other local organizations and businesses, and the support will most likely be returned.

Why should working with a reliable credit card processing company be at the top of your to-do list as a business owner? Having CynergyData Texas on your side guarantees that you will be able to accept all forms of payment from opening day onward and that you will have access to funds the next business day. Working with us not only gives you the ability to pay vendors and purchase inventory quickly, but also ensures that you’re not turning potential customers away who wander in without cash in hand.

More than that, you’ll know the name of your CynergyData Texas representative and reap the benefits of superior customer service. This means less time worrying about credit card processing issues and more time spent planning your expansion!