A Case Study: Credit Cards and Restaurants

According to creditcards.com, 78% of consumers use credit/debit cards over cash. You may see this as a general statement that doesn’t apply to your business, but if you’re a dine-in restaurant, cash is certainly not king. Seventy-four percent of diners prefer to use plastic rather than cash. Gone is the question, “Do you accept credit cards?.” It’s an assumption that any growing business already does. Even more, there is an expectation in a high-tech community such as Austin that businesses not only have a point of sales system in place but that they have upgraded to a mobile point-of-sale solution.

Business owners are required to look to the future when it comes to their product, marketing strategy, and finances, but it is important not to overlook your customers spending habits and preferences. Not all money is created equally, with the majority of consumers receiving cash-back from their debit cards and airline miles from their credit cards…they expect to be able to use them without difficulty. There was a period where cash seemed to make a comeback as consumers were scared of their credit cards for fear of either spending too much or the threat of fraud looming. In response, credit card companies tightened their security with the introduction of EMV chip cards. On the smartphone front, the appearance of Apple and Android pay increased security and ease of use. Businesses that are satisfied with their current POS system and have upgraded to mobile credit card processing aren’t necessarily on the forefront of things. IF your website has the capability, e-commerce is the natural next step. Cynergy Data Texas offers E-commerce and virtual terminals so that your establishment is able to accommodate customers that prefer to make their purchases online. This isn’t limited to businesses that sell tangible goods or offer local services. There is a growing number of people who opt to input their food order via smartphone rather than call in for pick-up or delivery. Consider the increasing number of companies that now offer food delivery through the use of an app. This shift practically eliminates the differentiation between dine-in and fast food restaurants. Consumers can now enjoy high-quality food in the comfort of their own home. Meeting your customers where they’re at in terms of expectations is key. The last things a business owner wants to hear is, “I would have ordered from “X”, had I been able to do so online.” Or worse, “but they only accept cash.”

Restaurant chains such as Chili’s have taken it a step further with the addition of tablet-based POS systems to the diners’ table. For businesses that prefer to maintain the level of interaction between their wait staff and customers who dine-in, Cynergy Data Texas has mobile payment solutions that instantly turn smart devices into payment terminals. Equipping your wait staff with such a device eliminates the crowding that notoriously happens around a single POS system, allowing him or her to be flexible and quick when with the customer.

The benefit of working with Cynergy Data Texas is that we specialize in helping local businesses transition to the solution that will best serve them. We offer the same price breaks for large corporations but offer the reliable customer service that you can trust in times of change. Please contact us so that we discuss which route is best for your business and how we can help you better reach consumers on-line.