Why Customer Service Matters

When choosing a merchant services provider, there are a plethora of choices. There are large national corporations that promise lower rates, but fail to provide quality service. Then there are small, local companies who excel at customer service, but can’t negotiate the lowest rates for your business. At Cynergy Data Texas, we pride our selves in not only providing the lowest rates for our clients but also providing exemplary customer service every single day for our clients.

We guarantee the lowest rates and we can save small business more money than our competitors, but that’s not what sets us apart at Cynergy Data Texas. Here are a few reasons our exemplary customer service provides a long term partnership for our clients that saves them money, time and headache:

We’ll explain your statements- We provide monthly statements to all of our clients. One of the main compliments we receive from our clients is that our statements are easier to comprehend and save them time- allowing them to focus on their business. If they have any questions, they can call our local office and reach a real person on the phone to explain.

You’re not just dealing with a sales agent- At Cynergy Data Texas, we’ve got that small town feel, but we can provide big, enterprise level solutions. Still, you’re not just dealing with a sales agent when you sign on with Cynergy Data Texas. We can answer any questions promptly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

We’re the partner you keep- Our clients aren’t just numbers. We know all our clients businesses in detail, and understand the way they process transactions. We’re here for our clients as they grow. We can help implement mobile solutions, and e-commerce solutions for our clients ready for growth. Or we can help our clients just getting started with point of sale systems and countertop solutions.

We keep our clients ahead on change- When the EMV shift occurred, we made sure that all of our clients were abreast with what the changes were and what it meant for their business. We were able to implement EMV compliant systems before the deadline and ensure that our clients were not liable for fraudulent charges or penalties. We’re merchant services experts and we take pride in knowing the intricacies of the business as well as being on the forefront of knowledge in regards to new technologies, new legislations and new regulations.

There are lots of merchant services providers out there, but there is only one that combines the lowest rates and fees in addition to the best customer service possible. Our goal is to save our clients time and money, allowing them to focus on running their business. We want to be a part of your business’ growth. Contact us today to learn more about our various solutions for any stage business and join the family at Cynergy Data Texas!