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Three Ways Accepting Credit Cards Can Grow your Business!

Three Ways Accepting Credit Cards will grow your business:

Accepting credit cards isn’t just about facilitating transactions for your customers. Credit card transactions save your business time and grow your business. Here are three ways accepting credit cards can grow your business and increase your revenue:

  1. The majority of your customers use debit cards or credit cards.

According to a Gallup survey in 2014, only 30% of Americans do not have a credit card or debit card. More so, over 1/3 of Americans have three or more credit cards. For a business, by not accepting credit cards you are potentially alienating 70% of your customers. To put the percentage into concrete numbers: there are over 150 million Americans who own a credit card. By accepting credit cards and having merchant services for your business, you will be ready to serve more customers. Credit cards also allow the customer more spending power without having to carry around large amounts of cash- which means your business can accept large purchases! According to a study by American Express, American Express customers alone spend 43% more than the average cash consumer.

2) Instant Transaction approvals or declines

As a business, you no longer have to rely on your customers to balance their checkbooks to ensure that the checks do not bounce. Credit card transactions can be processed instantly ensuring when a transaction declines that your business is not losing money. When accepting checks, your business could be waiting days for the check to cash and deposit into your business’s bank account. Credit card transactions start the moment the customer swipes their credit or debit card. With merchant services, your business operates more efficiently- lowering operational costs and time spent.

3) E-Commerce can make your business money while you sleep!

Establishing an e-commerce system allows your business to sell products and services through your website. Customers can make transactions at any time- day or night. This allows your business to service customers on a global scale, with the security that your business will be compensated. E-commerce solutions can be easy to establish and run automated- allowing you to focus on the business and what makes you successful. Recent projections from Forrester Research estimate that Americans will spend over 350 billion dollars online in 2016. A well functioning e-commerce system allows your business to reach those customers without effort.

Accepting credit cards ins’t just about “keeping up with the Jones’s” but rather can have a tangible effect on your business’s growth and increase your ROI. At Cynergy Data Texas, we can help your business reach over 150 million Americans who own a credit or debit card. We can help your company with merchant services, next day funding and establishing e-commerce systems.

Three Tips to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Three Tips to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

More and more, credit card fraud is becoming an issue for card holders. With the increasing number of cards being used, as well as increased efforts by those trying to defraud or steal credit card information, protecting your card information has become paramount. According to Discover, over a quarter million Americans experience some form of credit card fraud or identity theft annually. However, certain steps can be taken that deter credit card fraud and identity theft. Here are three easy tips:
1) Keep your cards safe

While this may seem like a no brainer, the majority of credit card fraud comes from stolen credit cards- either the number or the physical card. If you go to a restaurant and use your credit card, always make sure you leave with your credit card. After the card is run, it can be very easy to leave your card on site (especially if you are in a hurry).

Unfortunately, diligence does not always prevent your card from being stolen. Make sure to carry a light wallet, preferably in your front pocket. If you prefer to keep your wallet in your back pocket, make sure your wallet is secure. For those who carry their wallet in a purse, make sure your purse is adequately zipped. And of course- carry only the cards you will need that day.
2) Avoid using your credit card on public wi-fi networks

A safe rule of thumb for using the internet- if you didn’t need a password to access wi-fi, then neither do those with nefarious intentions. Unless a network or website is secure, do not use your credit card. Open wi-fi networks are easier for hackers to intercept transactions and gather the necessary information to use your credit card. These are called “man in the middle” ploys and they are far more common than one would imagine. Do not pay your bills online using a credit card on an insecure network or check your credit card statements. If you prefer to online shop (which most do), it is far safer to shop from your own home on a password protected wi-fi connection.

Online bill pay can be an efficient and simple way to pay your bills. Make sure you are not paying your bills with a credit card on an public wi-fi connection. In general, it is safer to have an automatic draft set up with a card than to pay it month to month online.
3) Save your receipts and Check your monthly statements

Often times, credit card fraud can go undetected. The easiest way to ensure your card is not being used fraudulently is to save your receipts and compare your receipts to your monthly credit card statements. If you see any unusual charges, do not wait. Contact your credit card company immediately. After comparing, shred all of your statements. It is not beneath those trying to steal credit card or identity information to dig through the trash.
In summary, using these three tips will not entirely prevent the possibility of fraud, but will greatly limit the access that those attempting fraud have to your information. Don’t let yourself be one of a quarter million who will have their credit card information stolen in 2016.

A Q&A Session with Wade Lombard

Q & A with Wade Lombard- a long time Cynergy Data Texas Customer

One of our greatest joys at Cynergy Data Texas comes from seeing our clients succeed in their business and being a part of their success and growth. Over the years, we have been able to see the growth of Square Cow Moovers and Wade Lombard first hand. Graciously, Wade answered some of our questions about his experience with Cynergy Data Texas and how we have been a part of his business success. We look forward to many more years of working with Square Cow Moovers as well as seeing spotted “cow trucks” all over the state of Texas!

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Impact Your Community with DonateWiseNow

Veterans Day- a day where people forget about their own needs and wants for a brief moment and reflect back on the service others have provided to their community and country. But as a business, shouldn’t that reflection happen every day? Shouldn’t your business be a source of community pride and consciousness? At Cynergy Data Texas, we offer a solution called “DonateWiseNow” that provides your business with an opportunity to raise money for a charity or cause of your choice through customer donations at your POS system.

Supporting our communities is part of who we are Cynergy Data Texas. Some of the charities we support include: Nineveh Ministries – Williamson County, Boys to Men of God, The Key 2 Free and Round Rock Area Serving Center. Because our mission is simply to help people, our philanthropy efforts cover a wide array of demographics in need. Because of our passion for philanthropy, we wanted to allow our customers the opportunity to support and raise funds for charities. We felt having a sense of community consciousness defined Cynergy Data Texas and our customers as well- so we found a solution that allows small businesses to raise money through their POS systems and terminals similar to the efforts larger corporations having been making for years.

DonateWiseNow provides your business the opportunity to make an impact in your community. Offered exclusively by Cynergy Data Texas, DonateWiseNow allows your POS system to accept donations through subtle prompts to your customers. At the end of the transaction, DonateWiseNow prompts the customer with a page that asks for donations from $1 to a customizable amount. The customer can even round their purchase to the next dollar amount and the excess goes the the charity or organization of your business’ choosing. By prompting the customer to intuitively donate during the transaction, your employees do not have to push for the donation but rather foster an environment of trust and good will with your customer.

As the business owner, you can track the donations through your online portal. Cynergy Data Texas currently offer almost a dozen charities from which to choose- local and national. Changing the charity your business supports is simple and quick. Our goal, at Cynergy Data Texas is to make the whole process seamless and quick so you can do what you do best and run your business.

DonateWiseNow allows your business to be a hero within your community. No longer do you have to be a large corporation to make an impact financially. The bonds you can build within your community will not just be of monetary benefit, but also foster your business sense of social consciousness.

It is not who you are that defines you- but rather what you do with who you are that makes you great.

At Cynergy Data Texas, we can provide your business with the opportunity to be great through DonateWiseNow. Contact us today for more information.

Mobile Pay and How Your Business Can Get Ahead

More and more, the standard cash register is becoming archaic in business. The user experience has advanced for the consumer and as a result, mobile credit card processing has become more and more common. According to the AT&T Small Business Poll in 2013, 30% of businesses have already adapted and implemented mobile payment terminals into their own business.

By definition, mobile payment terminals allow you, the business, to accept credit cards on a smart phone, tablet or lap top without the need to plug in. These terminals are complaint with federal/state regulations and can allow your business to do business anywhere in the world. Examples we have seen of mobile pay already include: roofing businesses, tow trucks, restaurants, home cleaning services- just to name a few.

With mobile pay solutions, your employees can become a payment terminal. Waiters, contractors, managers can all process credit cards without being confined to a POS cash register or terminal. Your business becomes mobile, at any time.

The most common form of usage has been mobile phone payment terminals. There are a plethora of apps available for download that turn your phone into a business terminal. However there can be a danger associated with some of these apps. At Cynergy Data Texas Texas, we have researched these apps and can guide you through which one to choose that will again save you the most money. One example is Vwalaa! Mobile Pay. Vwalaa! comes with a compact card reader that can plug into the audio jack of your mobile phone and accepts all major credit card companies.

While paying through a mobile pay terminal might sound strange, mobile pay is the future of credit card processing. According to a study done by Visa in Europe, by 2020 over 50% of transactions will done with a mobile credit card terminal. Even more so, PRWeb estimates that over $275B will be processed using mobile payment systems by 2018.

At Cynergy Data Texas, we see the future coming in credit card processing. We are the experts on mobile payment solutions and we offer many solutions that can help your business be a part of the over $275B that will be spent by consumers through a mobile terminal in the future. We believe that there will be tremendous growth that results from letting businesses become mobile rather than tied to a POS register. Turn your employees into a POS system by contacting us today about Mobile Pay!

Give Something Back

“If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.”
― Neale Donald Walsch

Giving back to the community is something that many businesses espouse and aspire to do. In our globally connected economy, consumers are increasingly educated and conscious about the power behind their purchases. When choosing where to spend their dollars, consumers may take into account the charitable actions of the company they are patronizing.

We want to help you and your business offer your community and world a way to participate in giving back to your local area. You don’t have to be a big company to make a big difference, with DonateWiseNow you can help local people support causes in your community. DonateWiseNow is exclusive to CynergyData Texas. This micro-donation point-of-sale solution can help your business build stronger ties with the community.

DonateWiseNow can be integrated into your point of sale software. Every time a customer makes a purchase, they will be asked if they would like to donate a small amount ($1 or $2) to a charity or round their purchase up to next dollar amount. Through incorporating DonateWiseNow into your payment options, you are educating customers about your philanthropic initiatives and inviting other community members to help you give back. Through one simple transaction your client base knows more about the heart of your business and your efforts to make a difference in your neighborhood. Your sales employees will not be required to solicit donations, but may be able to answer further questions a customer might have about your community involvement.

You don’t have to limit your altruistic actions to your neighborhood or one organization. You can select up to nine different charities to support through DonateWiseNow. These charities don’t have to be local, they can also be national. You can change or add the charities which will be vetted and signed for by CynergyData Texas.

CynergyData Texas is opening the doors for smaller retailers and businesses to host their own community initiatives by helping to facilitate fundraising. DonateWiseNow is an incredible turnkey donations program that offers your business a way to accept donations and give back to your community.

You’re Never too Small to Accept Credit Cards

You’re standing in the ten items or less line at the grocery store, how would you prefer for the person in front of you to pay?

A. Check
B. Cash
C. Credit / Debit Card
D. Doesn’t matter, just so long as they are quick.

Credit and debit cards expedite the payment process and help everyone get on their way much quicker. As fewer and fewer people carry a check book or cash, you might find it harder to do business with people if you don’t accept plastic.

CynergyData Texas has a variety of programs suitable for smaller businesses who may need help accepting cards in some more unusual situations. In a town like Austin with tons of outdoor festivals, music events and no lack of passionate or creative small business owners, don’t let the inability to accept plastic keep you from making sales. We know that not every transaction takes place indoors. We offer wireless and mobile solutions for small business owners who are out there pursuing their passions and building their businesses in nonconventional settings. From musicians selling t-shirts to food trucks plying their latest creations to a non-profit hosting an outdoor fundraiser, you’re never too small to accept credit cards. Please let us help take care of you by setting you up with your own merchant account.